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My training routine for shoulder development, repeated over 6 weeks simple but effective- the moves that work!! For more of my training check out instagram: shawn_mullix.
Chest workout focused on upper chest development. Check out my Facebook
Shoulder workout- Training for nothing but gains. Simple exercises hit hard with intensity.
Leg Day Workout, including squats and leg press with legs extensions. I actually fractured my foot at the start of this session, but unknowingly carried on! For more:
Highlights from my first round at the WBFF in London May 31st 2015 A much enjoyed journey leading to this show, always learning more about myself, training, nutrition and show preparation. Subscribe!
Training abs with Shawn Mullix in Clapham Common, London. Using the outdoor fitness space, which is great for a range of workouts. See how I build my abs leading up to a fitness modelling competition.
Murdering the arms at Physique Warehouse a mix of controlled sets and sets where I was just throwing up the weight! Follow and Subscribe for more training videos @ShawnMullix Twitter/Instagram...
Leg day workout highlights, building the complete physique! Day by day! Leg day should hurt, you should feel sick, pumped to the point where you cant walk. I want my legs to be the foundation...
A snippet of my fasted cardio morning, getting out early and putting in the work towards my goal! Followed by what I had for breakfast following the session. Follow my journey to the WBFF...
Just a snippet of our key hamstring training exercise warm up! More to come soon, subscribe and follow to see what we get up to, in the gym!
Short to the point video of how to prepare chicken for a few days ahead in your week, stay organised and keep on track with your nutrition.
Fitness Model Category Under 75 kg, Miami Pro World Championships. Quarter Turn action, last chance to show the judges what you have got in the swimwear round! Great fun, on stage and backstage,...
Call out Round at the Fitness Model Competition Miami Pro World Championships 2014, Under 75 kg Category.
Miami Pro World Championships 2014 Fitness Model Quarter Turns Swimwear Round.
Part of my routine from the Miami Pro Would Championships 2014 Theme wear round! Having great fun on stage!